Miami-Dade County Value Adjustment Board


Do not file a VAB petition if you are satisfied with the valuation of your property, but are dissatisfied with the amount of taxes due because of a higher millage rate. Questions about the millage rate should be directed to the appropriate taxing authority at the public hearings listed on your Notice of Proposed Taxes.
Please note that the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) has no jurisdiction to change the millage rates applicable to your property. The VAB is authorized only to reduce the “market value” (or “assessed value”) of your property in cases where it has been valued too high by the Property Appraiser.
Each petition must also be accompanied by the appropriate non-refundable filing fee or it will be deemed invalid and rejected. Unless the petitioner is an eligible recipient of temporary public assistance under Chapter 414, F.S., and submits a certificate issued by the Department of Children and Family Services reflecting such eligibility at the time of filing, the petitioner must pay to the Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board ("VAB") the related filing fee for each separate parcel of property filed.
The statutory deadline for the filing of this petition (I.e. received by the Clerk) is on or before SEPTEMBER 17, 2019, or such other date as may be indicated in the Property Appraiser's notice of proposed property taxes. The filing of this petition does not prevent the taxpayer from paying the taxes on a timely basis to obtain an early payment discount and to avoid the possible assessment of interest and penalties if the appeal is denied. Without such payment, the early payment discount can be obtained and penalties and interest can be avoided only if the VAB grants tax relief to the taxpayer by reducing the assessed value of the property under appeal. Petitions postmarked prior to but received after the statutory deadline will be identified as "filed late".
By statute effective July 1, 2011, in order to contest the valuation of property before the Board, you must pay all of the non-ad valorem assessments and make a partial payment of at least 75 % of the ad valorem taxes levied against the property (i.e. less any applicable discount under F.S. §197.162) before the taxes become delinquent. Failure to timely make any such payments will result in the denial or rejection of the taxpayer’s petition by the Board.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2019 was the deadline to file a petition.