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Defendant Name DOB Case
Citation # Case
Violation Incident
State # Amount Due
SEANTREL HENDERSON 1992 Infraction 9805WIT D6 TO TALLAHASSE 322065 - EX DL 6 MTH OR < 08/01/2012 13TR0009805WIT00 $203.00
SEANTREL HENDERSON 1992 Infraction 9803WIT D6 TO TALLAHASSE 3160741A - DISOBEY TCD/SIGN 08/01/2012 13TR0009803WIT00 $273.00
SEANTREL HENDERSON 1992 Infraction 9804WIT D6 TO TALLAHASSE 322341 - DWLS UNKNOWINGLY 08/01/2012 13TR0009804WIT00 $268.80

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